Olento Life Ltd is a Finnish mHealth developer.
We create effective, game like methods to increase health and happiness.

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We did it

Couples therapy on your mobile!

We Did It® is the world’s first mobile tool for active couples therapy. It helps couples solve problems in a totally new way, by themselves without books, lectures or therapy sessions.

When both partners commit, effects are immediate: 96,4% report increased happiness after only one week of We Did It®. The method is based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral science. Distributed by app stores and occupational health care organizations.


We did it

Olento team

Peeter Lange

Peeter Lange - CEO, founder

Peeter is passionate about digital innovations. He has been designing digital products for consumers for over 15 years: "Digital health games provide people with valuable solutions in an easier, faster and more intimate way than it has ever been done before. The greatest thing is that these solutions can be duplicated in an instant to reach and help as many people as possible."

Antti Villanen

Antti Villanen - Chairman of the Board

Antti is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience of startups. His expertise lies in digital marketing, online, mobile and games. He has founded over 20 companies and acquired over 25M€ in funding.

Juhani Vuoti

Juhani Vuoti - Advisory board member

Juhani is a gamification expert and social scientist specialized in cognitive psychotherapy. He knows how to make use of gaming mechanisms in traditionally non-gaming environments. Psychotherapies and eLearning are his special fields of interest.

Susanna Toropainen

Susanna Toropainen - Health advisor, board member

Susanna is a health coach and co-owner of Unelmatalli Oy, one of the biggest life & health coaching companies in Finland. Nine years of experience of relationship, weight and wellness issues.

Matti Nikkola

Matti Nikkola - CFO

Matti has been doing strategic planning, business development, international expansion planning, raising funds, evaluating, organization building, executive-level and board management for over 20 years.

Antero Järvi

Antero Järvi - Advisor, board member

Antero is a lecturer in software engineering at the University of Turku. He has many years’ experience in mobile games. Co-founder of the Finnish game company Gentlephant Games Ltd.

Toni Valkonen

Jukka Näätsaari - Board member, financials

Jukka is Head of Discretionary Asset Management at Elite Asset Management Plc. He has been working in finance industry for 20 yrs. He is currently active in several PE companies.

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